Come Fly With Us!

Our flying season is best from September through to April but some days are better than others. We prefer days when there is a light breeze and there are fluffy cumulus clouds around since they indicate the presence of up draughts (thermals) that can allow us to climb up.

We normally operate on weekends and public holidays, but can also offer flights mid week by arrangement. All flights are subject to the availability of:

  • Suitable weather conditions
  • Gliders
  • Instructors

Generally the best time to fly is between 12:00 midday and around 3:00 pm although you can get good flights outside these times depending on the weather.

Please note that the maximum permitted glider passenger weight is 110kg.

Flying Times

We fly on nearly all weekends and Public Holidays. Contact us for more information.

Hints for an Enjoyable Flight

Wear sensible clothing: Shoes, trousers and long sleeved shirts are preferable, and a soft hat.

Don’t eat a heavy meal prior to your flight.

Make sure you are not dehydrated. But don’t overdo the fluid intake. Also, go before you go on your flight.

Definitely no drugs or alcohol before your flight.


All flights are weather dependent. Depending on the availability of updraughts to keep the glider up, our usual fight is around 30 min, but we can stay up for longer if our passenger wishes to do so and weather conditions are suitable. Without updraughts the flight time is around 8 min.

We offer the following introductory flights:

Local flight
$180 A flight around the local area. Approximately 30 minutes flight time.

Mt. Bogong flight
$300 A flight near Mt. Bogong and the surrounding area. Approximately 60 minutes flight time.

All flights are weather dependent.

Payment Options

We only have credit card facilities at the field or as a phone transaction.

If you want a Gift Certificate please contact us via our contact form or phone 0418 591 351 and then deposit the funds into our bank account, details of which will be advised when you contact us.

Please add your name to any deposit notification and advise by email that you have processed the transfer.

Or fill in the form below: