Come fly our Mountains

The Mt Beauty Gliding Club is a vibrant community of glider pilots in the beautiful Upper Kiewa Valley at the aptly named town of Mt Beauty. You are welcome to join in the fun! Go for a flight and experience the thrill of a winch launch in one of our two-seater gliders.

  • Experience the gentle thrill and quiet of flying without a motor!
  • We offer air experience flights with experienced instructors all year.
  • Become a pilot; learn to fly in the beautiful Victorian High Country.
  • Fly solo locally, go cross country or on away camps to fly at other sites.
  • Ask to experience glider aerobatics! – and you can learn how.
  • Mt Beauty provides a new challenge to any experienced glider pilot.
  • Try flying the ridge lift around our highest peaks for a serious buzz.
  • When the wind direction & strength is right, we get to fly wave!
  • A great Christmas or birthday gift idea.
Extreme Sports Bike
Extreme Sports Bike

Experience the Beauty of
Pure Gliding Flight

Experience the thrill of a winch launch

Experience the thrill of a winch launch

Why Fly with Us?

  • Experience the joy and stunning views from your glider
  • Gliding is fun for all ages!

  • The perfect family experience

  • Open most weekends and public holidays

  • Fly with one of our experienced pilots

  • Try mountain flying around Mt Beauty